Van Sales

iLEADCOM offers an order management system (OMS) to help you run your retail business, no matter your size or style, close sales and manage inventory, purchases, staff, shipping, reporting, and even a CRM in one place with ease and simplicity.

With our order management system — Van Sales, manage the lifecycle of customer orders effectively from available inventory, picking and packing; shipping tracking and generating insightful reports that enables time efficiency, reduced risk of human error, real-time tracking, increased order accuracy, improved delivery efficiency, increased overall productivity and much more.

Invest in our order management system (OMS) to establish an efficient and productive order fulfilment process while keeping costs down. Our OMS handles the order process and brings everything that needs to happen to reduce order fulfilment cycle time, improve efficiency and drive growth for your business, keep the business profitable and provide a better customer experience.

Our Telecom Supply chain – Van Sales offers a variety of features, including all the following:

  • Order tracking.
  • Product information.
  • Inventory, or stock levels.
  • Shipping.
  • Payment.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Reporting and analytics.
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