Telecom Field Sales Force Management

Field Sales Force Management Software allows managers to assign sales tasks, areas and Time Limits, monitor sales orders, visits, and frequency of sales agent activities, and communicate important information in real-time. Based on data, requirements and feedback collected in the field by the agent, Telecom Service Providers will conduct competitor analysis and improve product, user experience enhance market expectation.

  • Managers to manage, monitor and record agent’s check-in data in real-time by geographic (Geo-fencing) location, tasks, customers, and sales trends.

  • Agent system Mobile App to track activities, log information for sales visits, manage leads in field and share knowledge (documents, images, videos) with managers and to access important account information while in the field.

  • Leads management.
  • Create Customer Profile on the field by gathering accurate customer data and GPS location coordination through Agent’s mobile App.

  • Dynamic route planning module to create daily, weekly & monthly visit plans for sales agents.

  • Integrated task management system that notifies agents about action items and tracks the progress being made.

  • Measure sales performance based on the completion of assigned tasks and tracking visit coverage using our field sales monitoring app.

  • Reporting module on sales agent movements, sales orders, sales visit history, market feedback, and other related reports.

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