Mobile Field Services

A software application for scheduling and managing field staff visits based on proximity of locations, skill sets required for the task, and availability. It also gives detailed reporting with analysis to tasks performed with specific KPIs (dashboard). Automatically upload invoice reports into ERP software, and send it to customers.


On-Time Scheduling

Prioritise the significance of managing complex shift schedules and service calls. View and customise the information, planning list. Optimise in real-time scheduling, planning, and dispatching with intelligent tools.

Transparent Scheduling

Assign people to the right tasks performed quickly, with drag & drop tools. Schedule multiple work tasks simultaneously and know more about the technician's current job status and location. Maximise information availability and connectivity to avoid unexpected surprises.

Skill Management

Improve overall productivity by matching requirements to a technician’s skillset. Reduce travel time with availability with right-skilled technicians who are near to a service point. Send off notifications to technicians about necessary on their mobile devices.

Intuitive Experience

Self-services by scanning any code or another identifier code. Enhance the self-service for clients, with overview of the entire process. Let the customers schedule appointments with a technician guided by an intelligent dashboard.

Simplified Self-Services

On spot, the customers and service teams are notified on the progress of their requests. With real-time features, keep the clients aware of when they should expect the service technician to arrive.

Online Self-Service Portal

Create a fully branded self- service platform. Connect every field or equipment across the entire based platform. Activate the content from anywhere and at any time, including equipment records and service requests.

Access Online & Offline

Review the important information, such as history, parts availability, and process checklists for the customers. Recapture and adapt service reports, at any time anywhere. With GPS mapping, track the service and find the right location for the technician.

Technician-Focused Design

Require little or no learning for end users. Provide access to uniform checklists to support consistent response and repair. Improve on-site Lead generation by connecting service technicians.

Instant Payments