Commission & Incentive system

Commission & Incentive system is an efficient comprehensive multiple commission methodologies solution designed for Telecom Service Providers to manage multi-level distribution channels hierarchy commissioning plans for their selling of products and services.

System maintains the calculation of commission and incentive by data collected, sales transactions and per policies defined by service provider with general parameters such as Distributor, Dealer, Services (Pre-Paid, Post-Paid, Renewal and Bill Collection, Recharge), Categories and Products.


The solution provides a single, flexible and fully configurable platform that:

  • End-to-end process from collecting and importing data from different systems and source to the commission payments for each dealer within distribution network hierarchy.

  • Dynamic setup and implementation of multi basic and complex commission Schemes for direct and indirect sales channels. Service provider according to his policies, can switch a dealer from one Scheme to another and compare KPI’s and possible results with actual commission data.

  • Compares current sales values with sales targets and provides clear overviews of performance in the ongoing and previous periods.

  • Products and Service Management module that supports multi categories of products and services that sold to customers or distribution channels such as prepaid recharge, bill collection, fixed landline, postpaid plans, prepaid plans, contract renewal and upgrade and secondary device. Service provider will be able to create new products, services, and categories.

  • Reports and Dashboard module includes a rich list of predefined reports that cover every transaction and period for the commission and incentive with options to users to create and execute their own reports.

  • Service providers and dealers network users can access system functionalities and reports according to their profiles. Different types of Privileges can be assigned to different roles, including page view, data modification (per page), report execution, policy approval and results approval.


Data Source

Commission Management can import data from different sources and systems, including CRM, billing systems, ERP , Data WH, dealer databases, point of sales and customer care systems.

KPI’s & Schemes

Setup and management multi scheme and plan dynamically and to generate KPI’s and condition for channel, region, area, distributor/dealer, or product.

Auto Run

Service provider will be able to define and schedule a commission calculation run day in the month and to run scheme anytime in month for testing result.

Payout Workflow Matrix Approval

Commission payment approval workflows will be defined and configured based on restricted to certain roles and conditions applied and maintained by service provider to ensure commission KPI’s parameters are approved before the calculation of commissions and that results are reviewed and approved before payout.

Instant Payments