iLEADCOM offers a cloud-based property management software solution to help real estate professionals manage contact information, track leads, attract clients while keeping everything organised.

Our property management system, designed specifically for real estate agents and brokers, helps them find properties, close opportunities, boost customer engagement and get accurate forecasts more effectively and save time on it all.


  • Lead Tracking.
  • Contract and transactions.
  • Listing and Inventory.
  • Contacts.
  • Activities.
  • Email Campaigns.
  • Reporting & Analytics.
  • Follow-ups and reminders.
  • Invoicing and Billing.

To simplify the working life of every real estate professional, we combine all the tools needed to seamlessly manage business in a single solution 24-hours a day across devices because the data is stored in the cloud.

Stay organised, do more deals, and power up with our easy to use property management software. Get started with a 40-day free trial now. No credit card needed! Lowest Price Guaranteed.

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