LEAD HR is empowering organisations to change their traditional HR responsibilities from administrative works to creative works by using newest software to enhance employees productivity.

LEAD HR is empowering organisations to change their traditional HR responsibilities from administrative works to creative works by using newest software to enhance employees productivity. People-related expenses now form the lion's share of aggregate corporate consumptions and big organisations have grasped the need to better administration for their human capital and assemble a more powerful workforce.

LEAD HR contains comprehensive benefits administration, and addresses all of your compliance reporting needs, time-off and absence tracking, and powerful import and export functions.



Talento is a human resources management system designed to handle HR operations starting from recruitment and ending with retirement including all the functions and processes related to the employee life cycle within the company from a Human capital management perspective. Talento extensively covers all aspects of human resource management including recruitment; employee relations; leaves, time attendance; competency; appraisals; training, career path and succession planning, analytical studies, document management and transferring procedures.


Salario can save employers valuable time and money, while potentially improving accuracy and recordkeeping capabilities. It benefits employees as much as employers by making it easier and faster to process changes to information, timesheets and schedules. Salario Payroll & Personnel Main Functions: 1) Employee Personal and Financial Profile. 2) Tickets. Housing and other allowances Projects. 3) Earning and Deductions. EOS calculations. 4) Salary Scale. 5) Various integration types (ERP, Core Baking, TA, etc.) Health Insurance. 6) Accounting vouchers module. 7) Provident Fund. 8) Loans module. 9) Leave Management. 10) Residence module. 11) Advanced Vacations. 12) Provisions. 13) Payroll Processing.


SELFY is a Bilingual portal that performs a channel between the employees and the HR department. The portal allows employees to view their vacations balances, monthly transactions, salary slips …etc). Moreover, the employees can forward requests to change their data like bank information, addresses and certificates, in addition to requesting leaves, vacations, training which will be passed through predefined workflows.


TAMPO is a specialised time and attendance management system that helps to automate company employee time management and time tracking related processes including logging employee hours worked and exporting data into the payroll system. It helps organisations eliminate paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance. TAMPO provides wide range of benefits that facilities HR load like spending less time on payroll, prevent buddy punching and other time theft, prevent human errors in bookkeeping, keeps employees and managers informed, spend less time and resources on paperwork, stay on the right side of the law by linking it with specialised disciplinary actions module.


PROCESO module saves time and effort that organisations usually spend on employee evaluation. Using this module, users can set up any type of appraisal method such as Scorecard evaluation, 180 degree appraisal, 360 degree appraisal, and 270 degree appraisal, with the ability to include customers or any one from outside the organisation into the evaluation process.


Analyzo is your information command centre. It provides a set of custom metrics, and dashboards, which can be used to measure employee objectives, efficiency, and effectiveness without the need for any programming expertise.

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