Electronic Vouchers Distribution - EVD

EVD Solution is designed to track control and monitor the distribution of prepaid recharge voucher lifecycle of any value, anywhere, at any time within service provider network of distribution hierarchy.

Key features of the system include:

  • Management of multi service providers, multi services and N-Level of distribution hierarchy of distributors, Dealers, sub-dealers, Merchants, Branch and Terminal.

  • Wallet and credit limit management for all entities within the distribution hierarchy.

  • Support of on-demand online/offline stock purchase.

  • Service Provider complete management and tracking of business roles and policies, hierarchies, commission, stock inventory, financial transactions, margins, and pricing.

  • API connectivity and transactional integration to IN, warehousing, BSS, payment gateways, warehouse, and ERP.

  • Voucher reprint option based on service provider policy.

  • Supports both Automatic and Manual Synchronization of data with Server.

  • Remote Terminal Management System (TMS) for terminal remote management and diagnostic.

  • Geo-location On Map terminal position with Geofencing support and control.
  • End-to-end Pin Encryption systems for every transaction with role-based access for user authorization and management.

  • Support of multi channels such as Linux and Android EFT POS Terminals, Electronic Top-ups, IOS and Android Apps, Kiosks, Smart Clients and Cashiers, Sealed Vouchers Bulk and Web Portal.

  • Notifications for End of End situations and low stock/low retail balance include email, app notifications, and SMS.

  • Reporting module and dashboard for each entity, displaying targets, available balance, daily and monthly sales, total numbers of retailers and agents, and quantity/status for each product and service.

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