Dealer Management System

One of the main components of DMS is the Dealer Hierarchy Management. This component handles the dealer’s hierarchy network. The dealer hierarchy is a tree-structure identifying the relationships between main dealers, distributors, and retailers up to merchants and selling points.

Each dealer, sub –dealer, retailer and merchant in the hierarchy will have a set of documents and images associated with it such as commercial registration, contract, etc.

The Dealer Hierarchy Management will help service providers to manage the following:

  • Main Dealers, their locations, and their allotted regions.
  • Branches of Distributors and their locations.
  • Retailers allocated for each distributor.
  • Retailers allocated for each distributor.
  • Stock level at each point
  • Letter of Guarantee – LG.
  • Credit Policy
  • Contracts management.
  • Document management.

Having a close-to-reality hierarchy management is very crucial in order to monitor the flow of stock through the chain of distribution.

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